mercredi 28 mars 2007

Modifications & Soft reset

To ensure that your account will not disappear again with your next soft reset try the folowing: 1- Soft reset
2- Repair your account (don't run outlook before)
3- Soft reset again
It should works :-)

Pour s'assurer que votre compte ne va pas disparaitre à nouveau au prochain soft reset, la démarche suivante fonctionne:
1- Soft reset
2- Réparer le compte mail (ne surtout pas lancer outlook avant)
3- Soft reset
Logiquement ca fonctionne :-)

5 commentaires:

David Smith a dit…

I have lost my outlook sms account what do i enter in the text file to recover this?


Dave :)

Nicolas Mauri a dit…

Hi David,
Well; it's pretty strange. I didn't know it was possible to lost the SMS account ;o)
I will try to see on monday what are my SMS account's settings but I don't even know if the SMS account supports the same kind of configuration.

Nicolas Mauri a dit…

Hum ... the SMS account is not recoverable by this apps. In fact the SMS account cannot be set up by using the same configuration way used for the others types of account (MMS, POP3...)

Anonyme a dit…

I have no problem using this sw but when I upgraded my ROM on my new Diamond, I can't repair my hotmail account on my outlook but gmail at no problem. Is the anyway for manual repair.


Nicolas Mauri a dit…

Sorry, but there is no way to repair it manually. If the application doesn't show it, your hotmail account is not reparable or has really disappear.