samedi 9 juin 2007

New version / Nouvelle version

Here is a new version of MailAccountRepair.exe
You can download it from here for the PocketPC version or here for the SmartPhone version.
The new feature is that you can repair more than one e-mail account with specific settings.

1. Select the account to repair
2. Define account's settings (only the first time)
- input server (pop)
- ouput server (smtp)
- password
3. Click the "Repair" button

Voici une nouvelle version que vous pouvez télécharger ici pour la version PDA ou la pour la version SmartPhone
La nouveauté: vous pouvez réparer plus d'un compte e-mail avec des paramètres spécifiques.

1. Sélectionner le compte à faire reapparaitre
2. Saisir les paramètres (seulement la 1ère fois)
- serveur de courrier entrant (pop)
- serveur de courrier sortant (smtp)
- mot de passe
3. Cliquer sur le bouton "Repair"

24 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

impossible de télécharger : le fichier est introuvable...

Nicolas Mauri a dit…

Oups, c'est bon maintenant.

Anonyme a dit…

Merci pour le travail effectué.

fw.isildur a dit…

thx ;-)

Donald Speelman a dit…

It is a really good help. Thks

Aaron Pharos a dit…

This message is for Nicolar Mauri. I tried you application for recovering the outlook e-mail account and it work fantastically. Unfortunately, after my devices power went low, it again deleted the e-mail account on the device. (which was the same e-mail account i recovered previously using your utility. Can you please give me some help. Thank you

Nicolas Mauri a dit…

Sorry for the delay, we were on holiday :)
It's the same for me... I have to do 2 more things on this application:
-1 to be able to repair all POP3 account in one time
-2 to make the application runnable at startup.

After that, it should be OK... but it can delay the startup of the device.

I will try to do this as soon as possible.

Alexandre a dit…

Bonjour nicola,
super ton appli, et tellement incroyable ce bug! je lai aussi sur mon eten g500+ avec firmawre 80

de plus, mes settings gprs sopnt perdus apres reset - le login et mot de passe
eserait-il possible de les inclure dans ton appli? merci

Alexandre a dit…

aussi, sans avoir l'air trop sans gene (merci bcp pour ton appli, pour ce qu'elle fait déjà!)
on pourrait avoir le smtp authentifié dans les settings sauvés? mon password est chaque fois perdu (ce nest pas le meme que pour l'imap/pop)

Anonyme a dit…

Salut Nicolas,

Franchement, je cherchais une applis comme ca depuis longtemps...

J'ai un P3600 et j'ai flashé et reflaché avec différentes roms, et j'ai toujours le probleme..

Mais grace a toi, je peux enfin reparer mes compte... une appli qui gagne a être connue... !

Un grand merci !

PS : par contre, je n'arrive pas a reparer mes comptes pop définitivement (même avec ta manip entre deux soft reset)

Merci pour tout !!

Aaron a dit…

Nicolas, Thank you for your response and i apologize for my delay (holiday also.) I have downloaded your new version of the "mailaccountrepair" utility and will be giving it a shot. This utility has saved me much trouble. As i mentioned before the account still disappears once the battery goes low or sometimes during a soft reset, but i'm very much looking forward to the 2 changes you mentioned in your response. I'm also looking forward to trying this when you complete it. Thank you very much!!. --Aa

Aaron a dit…

Sorry.. Also i wanted to confirm that this next release with those changes will prevent the e-mail account from going inactive. This is my ultimate goal is finding a utility that will compltely prevent this issue. Thanks again --Aa

Aaron a dit…

Sorry (again) Mr Mauri, I tried the new version and it appears to be the same. Im not sure what changes were made with this new version. The file date and size appear to be the same. Am i missing something? Thanks again!!!

Nicolas Mauri a dit…

Pour les settings gprs, c'est une bonne question. Je vais essayer de regarder. Pour le smtp auth je le rajoute.

I didn't had the time to perform those modifications, but I should be able to do it this week.

Aaron a dit…

Thank you Nicolas.

Aaron a dit…

Nicolas, so far the latest version has been great. I wanted to ask you about making this software public. It seems like a very useful tool and i think many people/users of windows mobile can benifit from this software. Would it be ok to make it public?

Nicolas Mauri a dit…

Aaron, I'm not sure to understand, this software is already public in the way that every body can use it.

Aaron a dit…

True.. I wanted to know if there is a way I could make some sort of change to get the pasword entered for the SMTP and e-mail to display astriks (******) instead of the actual password. Just for privacy concerns...

Nicolas Mauri a dit…

Aaron, I've updated the version with password astriks.
I'll also put the source code under sourceforge. But I would like to perform one more modification and some cleaning before.


Anonyme a dit…

Well done and thanks NICOLAS!
sos un titan.

Alexander a dit…

This application is great! It works perfect on my communicator. But, it would be great, if this app. could also repair GPRS and WiFi settings (i mean - GPRS usermane & password, and WiFi WEP key).

Imagine a situation: you make soft-reset, "MailAccountRepair" repairs e-mail accounts perfectly, then you trying to get your new post messages, but nothig happens! Because of missing GPRS settings.

If it is possible, please add this features to your great programm.

Best regards, Yeryomenko Alexander.

Nicolas Mauri a dit…


Thanks for your feedback.
I will try to add this fonctionnality asap.


Steve a dit…

Hi! This is excellent software. I just used it to repair a missing account on a WM6 device. Now all my emails are back and visible!

Thank you


Anonyme a dit…
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